Monday, June 28, 2010

Christmas comes once a month...

... and in San Diego we call it Vibe Night

If you are lucky enough to have experienced a Vibe Night than you know it can't really be described with words. If not you should come check it out for yourself. Vibe Night was started a couple years ago by a group of local musicians looking for a sense of community. It started in the pool room of one of the musicians houses with about twice as many people performing as guests. These days Vibe night pulls in enough people to pack entire houses with little wiggle room. Performers Derek Evans , Jakob Martin and Brodeeva are the regulars with special guests each month. This month we were graced by the lyrical mastery of Rob Deez who is becoming quite the regular himself because we can't get enough. Vibe night is a house concert where you bring yourself "and two people as cool as you" as Chad of Brodeeva likes to say followed by "If you don't know anyone that cool, bring some beers and make some new friends". And he couldn't be more right. I went to my first Vibe Night solo, still relatively new to the area and most of my friends being on the East coast. I left Vibe with a new family, and I couldn't be more grateful. The men of Vibe have done, and continue to do exactly what they set out to do. Create a community. Not only amongst themselves but with their friends, family and fans as well. The guys all sing and play on one another songs and the crowd is usually singing and dancing as well. It might be illegal in some states to have that much fun and genuine love and respect packed into such a small space.

One night a month a viber opens up their home to about 100 or so people who all have a common interest. To come to an intimate house concert with good friends, good food, good wine and beer and great music. And the night never fails. Its hard to leave after a Vibe and when you finally do its hard to come down from the infamous Vibe Night High you're sure to experience. Its safe to say Vibe Night is most peoples favorite night of the month, every month.

This last Saturday was our first official Summer Vibe Night of the year, and was held outside in the nice cool San Diego air. I thought you might like to see what you missed out on. Enjoy, and if you make it out to San Diego be sure to ask me for the Vibe Line so you can experience it for yourself.

Good Night!

p.s I like how the last picture made a music note out of the light. Vibe Night magic :)


  1. You FREAKING NAILED IT!! That was so beautiful and true and I want to be back at VN now.

  2. Got a link to your blog from Jacob Martin....Love you photography...keep up the great work.
    Larry Klapow

  3. love love love our cute vibe night fam.
    you've totally summed it up perfectly.
    yes, i am going to comment on every blog post now.
    ps, i didn't even recognize myself at first in that pic.