Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Masking your identity

So as promised in the spirit of Halloween I'm going to share some of my favorite creepy pictures. They'll range from the first digital project I ever did to some new ones from this week. As it will become apparent I like to shoot with masks as a prop. This all started when I was doing a portrait project in school. I wanted to do a shoot that touched on modern day portraiture and the ambiguity that comes a long with it. I won't go into great depth, but the main purpose was to showcase that when a person is the main subject of a photograph, we never really know if its a 'portrait'. Is the picture depicting something about that person or is it an image in which the photographer is trying to say something and the model is merely a passage for that?

Unfortunately since that project you will find mask portraits popping up everywhere. They've become especially popular on flickr, but I still love them so I'll post mine regardless. Here are a few of my favorite images from that shoot. Stay tuned for more in the next couple days! 

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