Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daniella's Closet: Part 1

So my friend and model Daniella has this amazing closet filled with so many vintage goodies that were begging to be photographed. It just so happens she herself is gorgeous and made for the perfect model. So for about 5 hours last Saturday night she was running around my apartment complex in little to no clothing. It was freezing that night, but fortunately for her, the vintage collection she brought over was full of big fur coats. We had also done a shoot earlier that evening which I am working on finishing up and will be publishing in a couple days. The earlier shoot was for Dainty* and we had a fabulous hair and make-up girl there to help. It was a very long night, but so much fun. By about 9pm we all needed to refuel so ordered an amazing vegan pizza and then got back to work until about midnight. Daniella was a trooper and I am very happy with the results. Here is the first set of my favorites:

Look for part 2 tomorrow!
xox Kate

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