Sunday, January 17, 2010

Location, location, location

I spent the entire afternoon driving around the entire city looking for new locations to shoot. Some I already had in mind and wanted to test out, others were just happened upon. I'm doing a shoot Tuesday (weather permitting) for a musician who requested an urban/gritty feel. It never rains in San Diego, but naturally when I have a shoot on a tight schedule its going to rain all week. Living in a medium sized city, urban and gritty doesn't seem like a hard request. However, they have done a darn good job cleaning up the Downtown/Gaslamp district and there is much less grit than you would imagine left behind. I traveled a little to the outskirts to find some better spots, the results of which you'll see later this week after the shoot.

We are also working on a new set of promotional images for Derek which I am very excited about. He should have a new EP coming out sometime this year and we are putting together a pretty cool concept for it. This idea may or may not include a shoot in this little magical place:
The fact that its still January and we have this amazing green grass makes me so happy. I could complain about missing east coast winters and the snow, but I can't complain about spots like this. Anyway this is going to be a very busy week photographically and I'm excited about that. I'm going to try to get Derek to do some yoga with me, then make some yummy tofu concoction. Happy Sunday!


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