Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring Please!

So everyone has been talking about how they can't wait for the snow to stop and for Spring to be here. I know I live in San Diego, so I don't get to complain about the Winter. HOWEVER I too would love for it to be Spring. For a while I was complaining about not getting snow, especially after being in 13 inches of snow for Christmas in CT. It made me really miss a REAL winter. But now I realize there is no use in hoping for snow because it simply doesn't grace
our beach lined desert. So instead I'll hope for warmth. For being able to sit outside in the grass and get some color on my skin with out also getting goose bumps. To be able to wear dresses without boots and sweaters and tights, although I do love wearing these things. Mostly to wake up and go to bed in a warm apartment. 50 degrees at night might not be very cold, but its cold when its 50 degrees in your apartment because you live in San Diego and you don't have a real heater. Its sort of really painfully cold some nights.

There is hope though. I was browsing through some old photo shoots from last year when I came across the one below. I sat staring at the green grass and pretty yellow wild flowers for a while when I realized this was shot in mid March...and it was full on Spring! Now I'm excited. Now i'm hoping that we'll start to have some warmer weather by the end of this month. I'd really love to go have a picnic at the park or at the beach without freezing. Even If I have to wear a sweater, thatsokay. So for everyone else out there hoping for some warm weather, green grass,
and sunshine colored wildflowers I wish you luck, and leave you with some spring time themed photos.

View On Black <---click here to see on a pretty big black canvas, makes a world of difference!

Tree Hugger

Bed of Clovers

Anna &amp; The Snail View On Black

Goodnight! xo Kate

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