Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just for fun.

I'm in a really random mood today so figured a bunch of random facts about me would be fun to write. So here you go:

My 5 favorite songs lately:

Left Coast- Matt the Electrician
Home- Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero's
Trapeze Swinger-Iron and Wine
High School Walls- Derek Evans

This is us - Mark Knofpler and Emmylou Harris

(ok that was 6 sorry)

5 Things I've been craving lately:
Orange juice
Dark Chocolate
Peanut butter and jelly
Delicious Quinoa burgers

5 Things I did last weekend:

Survived an earthquake haha

Went thrifting with Dain

Played tennis

Took a bubble bath

Did a really fun shoot with Derek (see post below)

5 Things I wish I could do this weekend:

Go to CT to see my family, friends and dog
Buy a new camera
Find the perfect kitchen table
Plant a little garden in my new yard
Go swimming in a lake

5 Goals I have yet to accomplish from new years:

Go running 5 days a week

Sew myself a sundress

Practice more Yoga

Save money

Write more snail mail to friends and family.

5 Places I’d Like to Travel to soon:

The Redwoods
Costa Rica
Spend a month in CT
Go back to Australia

5 Things Im looking forward to:

Seeing lots of friends this weekend

Going to New Orleans in May

My Birthday

Lots of lazy days at the beach

Spending every single day with Derek.

Tell me 5 random things about you, and maybe I'll send you something fun.

Have a happy sunny weekend!



  1. this is AWESOME!
    I need to do this too.
    Thanks for sharing :D

  2. I am OCD about cross walks!

    Currently listening to "Honey and the Moon"

    Can't make up my mind about painting my toes sea green or blue.

    I should be finishing my weekly sewing, but i am instead doing this!

    My resolution to eat way healthier has not happened today. Can you say

    FRENCH FRIES! eak!!!!!!