Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Love (plus some self portraits)

These last few weekends in San Diego have been sort of amazing. The weather has been nice and warm and sunny. Our windows and door have been open and the birds have literally been chirping all day. Our new apartment has an amazing yard and we've been taking full advantage of it. There has been a noticeable increase in how much literature I've been reading too, which seems positively correlated to the wonderful light our new place gets. We had friends over this Friday night and last. Bought a nice grill, make some yummy potatoes and
veggie kabobs and tofu fingers. Not to mention my favorite salad which is so simple and delicious: Baby spinach, strawberry slices and crumbled goat cheese with a little bit of Trader Joes sweet poppy seed dressing. It just tastes like summer!

Anyway it was a great relaxing weekend But I still managed to get some work done. I designed some new business cards and promo cards today (below) that I'm very excited to get printed. And Friday I played around with some new equipment and did a mini self portrait shoot. I normally wouldn't post pictures of myself, but I really like the way these came out, and I'm in a very sharing mood.
Anyone else have an amazing weekend? I feel like most my weekends from here on out will be just as great. There seems to be this positive energy in my new apartment thats just constantly flowing all throughout and I couldn't be happier. Anyway, I'll leave you with some pictures and the wish for a great week ahead. The last one is my favorite so scroll down!

Thanks for looking, Goodnight!